Five Blocks Down


The day everything turned to shit, I stood at my usual spot in front of the apartment building where Little Tiger lived. I leaned against the tagged-up palm tree and watched his brother, Miguel, round the corner, a small backpack slung on his shoulders. He was maybe sixteen, and sold for me sometimes—nothing hard, just a little weed. He said he was trying to save money to buy a car, like he had to have some excuse to do what I did every day. READ MORE HERE


“A subdued urban narrative that neither minces words nor pulls punches.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“A tautly woven plot that quickly draws the reader into this riveting depiction of teenagers in an L.A. barrio.”

—David Del Bourgo, author of Prague Spring, a Simon Wolfe Mystery

“Miriam Sidanius draws from her experience in the Los Angeles public school system with compassion and insight into the hopes, dreams, families, and friends of “Little Tiger” and Paco, two boys with different life paths who will touch your heart.”

—Chris Culler, author of The Heirloom Girls, Giving Good Hollywood, and 101 Ways Your Mother Said You Could Die.

“Five Blocks Down breaks your heart and gives you hope at the same time. Miriam Sidanius deftly pulls the reader into life “on the corner.” What goes down goes down, but through the eyes of young, naХve Luis and relatively old (life expectancy 20) drug dealer Paco, we see glimpses of our better selves.”

—Rachel Canon, author of The Anniversary


Finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the New Young Adults category ages 17 and older