Discovering new bookstores

One of the unexpected joys of sending my book Five Blocks Down into the world has been exploring new neighborhoods with quirky independent bookstores, and meeting the wonderful people who own or manage them. I recently discovered the town of Winthrop (founded in 1630, has several beaches and historical forts). If you live near Boston, I highly recommend a visit to the town. Stop at Simon’s Winthrop Bookstore, 152 Shirley Street, Winthrop, MA. This is a book-lover’s paradise with floor to ceiling books in a home converted into a bookstore. It is owned by a retired school teacher who is very knowledgeable and friendly. She ushered me into her kitchen to discuss my book. After I sold her a copy, she invited me to join a book club. Lovely. After browsing at Simon’s, have a cup of coffee at The Winthrop Book Depot & Cafe, 11 Somerset Avenue, Winthrop, MA. This is a sweet cafe with a small book and gift shop at the back. It is a friendly and comfortable place to sit and have a great cup of coffee and good snacks. On another day, in another neighborhood, you might want to check out Tres Gatos, 470 Centre Street, Jamica Plain. Tres Gatos is a Spanish tapas restaurant and wine bar. It is a small place with a great atmosphere, good food and a record and bookstore in the back. It is a fun place to browse. Be sure to look for my book.

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