Angel’s Song

by Angel Martinez

sitting here by my window day dreaming to the sky I ask myself why does this

life seem to pass me by. I’m still hoping for my future to take off and be

nothing but bright but I’m just afraid cause when I look around there’s


light in sight no one telling me don’t worry son you’ll be alright there’s

no need to cry wipe your eyes and continue cause your dream is worth the


and if u pursue to ride what u wanna do in life it will all come together in

a matter of time. I was a hopeful kid by the age of nine already realizing

what’s good and what’s right my pops telling me you wanna do the crime


face the time so I listened to his words and saw the signs instead I just

sit back and reminisce about life and try to put into words and make sure


rhymes. But I will keep on going because I will still face my toughest

battles today but I know I will be okay because hope is what makes me


to stay life to me is like one of the old shows all black and grey just

hoping to see another day. These memories filling my mind over and over

haunts me more as I get older like a heavy boulder I got to carry on my

shoulders. It’s something that I can’t get over I wish I was a lucky one

like a four leaf clover no problems no pain still question why I’m sober.

Sometimes at night I pray and ask God for a chance to change my life to


something to strive for what I want and feed off the drive instead I feel

like I’m barely getting by like fight for my life hoping to survive. I

have to wake up and realize that this is all in my mind remember that I’m

one of a kind that’s put into the category as undefined that will stop at

nothing to stay on my grind and continue to shine and keep my dreams

as my

number one prime but I will keep on going because I will still face my

toughest battles today but I know I’ll be okay.